Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.a bit of an update ya..

soooo…. things are going well here. its different now that the fasting month (for the mus.) has begun. alot of the nonbelievers are acting differntly now. seemingly more serious about things.. but it has been a good door for some conversations. josh S. and i have gone out sharing a few times. we took our buddy andi once to expose him more to sharing. he did good and with a few questions here and there i was able to help him with the direction of the conversation with one particular guy. i also took andi to play soccer with some nonbeliever guys i play with some. he was able to talk to a few guys that didn't speak any english. this guy Ifan and i have have been able to talk a few times. and he wants me to come to his village one day to meet his whole family but i'm not sure if it is going to work out. due to fasting month.

honestly a lot of the nonbeliever guys have kinda gone MIA for the fasting month. we started a free english course at our house on tuesday mornings. first week we incorporated adam and eve's story. today we had abraham and isaac. had a few guys come to that. and we have some new nonbees. we just met that we are hanging out with tonight. so its kinda hit and miss with some people but i have plans to continue to meet with andi and with another brother charles. and talk with them about sharing. ..had a great talk with charles about the importance of having a quiet time and how to go about it some. it was good. we have plans to go to another city later this week for a lil rest and family time, so ya i'm excited of course. oh and i also met some other believers and have played pingpong and soccer with them. and had a few meals and talked to one of them intensely about some resistance that a sister ch*r*h has gone through recently. he was in near tears talking about it. its def been more quiet now that the other group of volunteers are gone. hard to believe i have only a few weeks left. I believe that situations like this just require patience with G. to trust that his timing is not mine.. but also to realize that its really important that i be unselfish and make sacrifices of time and energy to share and serve.. to really try to live it out.

thanks for your prys peeps. :)
love you all

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  1. Thank you for posting and sharing from your heart. Patience and unselfishness with time...hard tasks indeed.