Saturday, July 17, 2010

my second full day is coming to a close. i'm very tired. hit the ground running.. and might need to take a small break. to actually sleep through the night. ha.
the volunteers are a great team. 3 guys and 4 girls. they each seem very focused on their purpose here, and are a lot of fun. i've been able to meet some locals already. some are believers and some are not. most are on their summer break which means they have a lot of hang out time.. one has already said that he will "have much time to be with me" haha. ahh language barriers... so i must rest now. betty and josh are doing well for those who have asked. they had to leave right when i got here... but are now back in town. thannnnkfully. more soon
thank you all for lifting me up. He has undoubtedly been my strength these last few days.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

i am alive

welp... i am alive in the western world. after about 44 hours. its around 4pm at home. and 3 am here. so although i'm wide awake. i'm going to go to sleep now to begin changing my schedule. thank you all for your pryrs. He has already given me a few opportunities to share. once with a girl Katybree (i believe) in the charlotte airport. got to basically spell out the whole message for her and talk about why the word teaches things that are far from what we often see in the lives of those who proclaim it. it was neat to be able to explain what it means to actually be a follower of the son. and the things that i'm still learning about that. I aslo got to share with a taiwanese friend named jason, whom i met earlier today. a believer for about 10 years.. yet lives in an environment scarce of encouragment.

I meet the 8 volunteers tomorrow who have been helping betty and josh for the last several weeks. I'm excited. more later

much love,